Abundance Aura Harmonizer - 60ml Bottle

Abundance Aura Harmonizer - 60ml Bottle
Product Code: AH019Abundance Natural Aura Harmonizer 60ml
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Sound Essence Aura Harmonizer
Abundance Aura Mist
Allowing for Gifts in Life

Mist the Abundance Aura Sound Essence and state:
What gifts are in store for me today! And how will I find them and what will they look like?
I am open to radical trust!
What else is possible?

Abundance, represented by the colorful pin wheel, symbolizes the kaleidoscope of life’s gifts coming to you from all directions. Every color splaying avenues of abundance; plentifulness of all the good things in life. It bestows the ability to see the beauty in everything, seeing with the heart, not with the eyes.

Abundance is infused with the chord of perfect unity, CEG, which enhances the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us, rendering harmony and unity. This higher frequency creates what is called "the law of attraction" which refers to the things we attract to ourselves and opens us up to a wealth of possibilities. When you are in tune with your goals, you lack resistance and turbulence, you are in the flow.

Symphony of Vibration in a Bottle Shift your frequency with a blend of flowers, sound, colour, crystals, aroma, gems, symbology and sacred geometry.

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